Where it all began...

Hi there, my name is Raphaela and I'm the Founder of Soft & Still Co. I am honoured you landed upon my page and feel intrigued to learn more.

In early 2020, I was in a video therapy session and the discussion of a creative outlet was raised. I didn't have any creative ways of expressing myself so this was an exciting venture filled with uncertainty.

I opened up my laptop and hopped onto a local craft supplies store. The first section I saw: Candle-making. I thought, well this should be easy and an affordable way to a) make my house smell good and b) still be creative.

I've always wanted to bring joy to people's lives whether through laughter, smiles, or in this case, memories. Soft & Still Co. was built on the core value of bringing people to a moment in time where they felt stillness and happiness.

And now it brings us to this very moment. The person reading this story and understanding where it all began.

I hope these scents bring you life, joy, happiness, and stillness. May they bring you softness and remind you of the beautiful moments to remember.

Yours in love and light,

Raphaela xx

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