Why Candles?

Why Candles?

Welcome back, peeps! This blog post will be about why we chose candles. 

I constantly get this question. For those who know me well, I find joy in creating something. I'm also not the most creatively inclined so drawing or painting kind of went out the window (shout out to my parents who still hang photos I drew 10+ years ago, love you guys).

So, back in 2020 my therapist essentially told me doing my day job couldn't be my creative outlet from the world. Shocking, I know. She pushed me to think bigger and do something that didn't involve my typical 9-5, writing, pitching, growth marketing, etc.

Candles to me are one of the most delicate pleasures in life. They're luxurious and put simply, beautiful. There is something beautiful about watching the light flicker and every time you light it, you are transported to a soft and still moment.

Yes, shameless plug for our name!

Sometimes candles can provide you with zen feels or even give you a pump up vibe (what's up citrus!). I love that melted wax with fragrance oils can bring someone such happiness.

It's the little things.

With love + light,


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