Hello! Welcome to our little blog corner where I will be writing a few snippets about our story, the brand, candle care, self-care, etc. This blog is super new and I'm very excited to use this space to share a little more about the business.

The topic of this blog is storytelling.

Now, when I think of storytelling I think of bedtime stories or even what I do for my 9-5 (I work in Communications). But in relation to Soft & Still Co., I wanted to share insight into why storytelling is the backbone of our brand.

Our candles are inspired by stories and every second of every day, we are all creating a story. Whether it's with friends, family, co-workers, strangers, or our furry friends.

Stories are what keep us alive (not physically speaking, of course) but more so emotionally. As a living, breathing Cancer, stories hold such an important part in my life.

I refer back to them often - good and bad - and think of the lessons they taught me, the people introduced into my life, the food I love, the smells I adore, and the places I consistently visit.

Stories are an important value to hold near to our heart and we encourage you to think of special stories you have lived through and stories you want to create.

With love + light,


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